Something about our chatroom friend Rob.

Many of you know that I registered the domain name for in 2001 but not everyone knows that I was at it much earlier on. before the domain name I ran this project on free web severs such as Geocities or anywhere else I could find free hosting. I also put up with the ads that come with the free hosting.

We all know our chatroom moderator Rob, _-Dark-_, but did you know he has been with us from the start? Yes Rob supported this thing from day one and was here long before the domain name was ever registered. It’s partially due to him that we exist today. I’ll explain.

There was a time when it was only Rob and myself in the room. Can you imagine that? Well it’s true. was not always the success we enjoy today. So I would say something like, “Well Rob, this sucks, huh?” as we look at each other on cam. He would always turn me around and say something like, “No, John. CamChat rocks. Don’t you give up.” I guess it’s because of Rob I never gave up.

I can remember several times when he’d go spam us on other chat locations, get banned, and try to get users to our site. LOL it rarely worked.

But I wanted you guys to know Rob’s long history with as he has seen us through all of the ups and downs we have gone through and he continues to support us today.

Thanks Rob for your years of continued support. You have supported us in good times and bad and are probably the reason I stuck with it.


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