Recent webcam updates

As moves into it’s tenth year we have made many great improvements and upgrades. Here’s just a few.

1. On a larger network (Mibbit) better uptime.

2. Enabled iPhone access.

3. Moved from Java to AJAX. More people joining. Easier on user’s machine and we have been able to hide the IRC users list making the look and feel of one list. Most browser and OS problems are fixed.

4. YouTube player built into the room. When users share a YouTube link it plays right in the room.

5. Forced gender choice on homepage.

6. Removed the password option on the homepage.

7. Increased the number of illegal nicknames that are not accepted into the system. This makes it easier on the room mods.

8. Room moderators now have a “@” before their nickname on the cam side.

9. Now all languages room with the help of AJAX and the IRC room bot.

10. is now active on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

11. Mod in training process trimmed to a shorter length of time to enable faster adding of room mods in training.

12. If a user types in an age of “17″ on the first round it will show in their profile info as “Actual: 17″. This should help identify the under aged users.

13. All ways to private message from the AJAX applet has been fixed. Users may now enjoy a normal chat without being overrun with private messages.

14. New webmaster blog at

15. New “Rulebook” launched.

Plus much more …

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