What does it take to be the best webcam and chat site?

Well what does it take to succeed in the webcam chat business? We have done it so I think you know. We have to offer a quality webcam site that is moderated 24 hours a day. The traffic to these sites can be mostly undesirable so you really have to weed out the good ones.

I think that’s the way we have built our community. We look for the ones that see what we are doing and want to join the fun without ruining it for everyone else. The moderators at CamChat.org are the best in the business. I quick training course on how we do things and the mods are ready to work.

Moderating a busy chatroom is an exhausting job and accidental kicks and bans can happen. Most of the regular chatters realize this and put up with our mistakes.

Have a great day and enjoy the chat.

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