The new vip pass program

Introducing the VIP Pass

With CamChat growing so rapidly we’re going to have to make the changes. We’re losing regulars because it is no longer a relaxing place to hang out and webcam chat. The traffic is too heavy and full of problem users to enjoy a good chat. We have to find a way to keep the regular chatters happy because they make our community what it is.

My first idea was to give them their own room free of the problems. This brings up several things though. In their new room the webcam list would not refresh. There would still be people trying to chat with them in the main chatroom that they no longer watch. Additionally there would be people requesting their webcam from the main room. Also remember that people return to see these regulars that we would now be paying attention to a different room. This all seems like an awkward solution.

Another idea was to install a registration layer where the new user would have to register and wait for a password in order to access the room. This brings up a different issues.

Julie came up with an awesome idea that will solve most of our problems. A VIP Pass for the regulars. Here is how it can worked. We already have the new database structure sketched out on paper.

The chat room will be capped at 40 users. When the 41st user attempts to join they will be sent to a “Room is Full” page. This page would have a “Try again’ button that would become active after a 10 second countdown. After a 10 second wait the user can again attempt to join the room.

If that 41st user is a “Regular” they would be logging in with their VIP pass and would be let in. The room would then have 41 users. Room Moderators, of course login around this whole process and are not affected.

How do they get a VIP Pass?

I’d like to stay away from a voting process as used in nominating the chat room moderators. We’ll need something faster than that. We’re going to set up an additional database. A current mod will add a name for VIP consideration. A second moderator will agree. These will be this VIP holder’s two sponsors. It will then move to my desk where I’ll approve it.

VIP users would skip all the in between pages and be thrown right into the chat.

I think this is the right direction for us. The “regs” will always be able to get into the system while keeping the other users waiting if the room becomes too big. We should have a higher ratio of contributing users while keeping the number of problem users limited.

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