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All about our webcams and chat system

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

We are often what webcam views are allowed and what can be banned. Here’s a quick outline. Webcams pointed at the floor, wall, a toy, or a black screen is ok as long as they are logged into the chatroom. We need to allow for users to point the cam away for short periods of time for their personal reasons. Of course if a user is not logged into the chatroom then we have to do something.

I wanted to take a moment to thank our webcam video provider over at . They have always been there for us providing top shelf video for us. Like I said over at we can’t operate without our webcam and chat partners.

As far as chatroom users that get kicked or banned from the chat we’d like to be thought of as a group that gives a second chance. We find that some users need to know their limits before they can fit in. Let’s look at a webcam violator as salvageable and try a kick first, on re-entry to the chat room explain what was wrong. If it keeps up, then set the ban. We have been able to obtain new valuable chatters understanding that that some need to know their chat limits first.

Now with the acceptable chat room nicknames this is what I do. If the user has an unacceptable nickname we can warn to change it. I give them like 60 seconds and warn again. Give like 20 seconds and kick from the chatroom. If the nickname looks bad in the cam list we should stop the cam as well.

There will be cases when an immediate ban is needed, such as trouble webcam users. Other cases will be up to your best judgment. Remember, we do not allow harassing of any of our users. This is one of the principals that have kept the community growing over the years.

Of course there will be users that want to help with the chat room. The room staff is asked this a lot. The best thing they can tell the normal user is that we greet guests, help get cams going, and keep the chat moving. We can tell users if they do this, the room staff will notice. That would be a users best chance of becoming a Room Mod. It can be done.

Thanks everyone and enjoy the chat.