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A word about recent changes

Monday, November 14th, 2011

As we move into 2012 continues to grow. The room moderators are doing a great job with the increased traffic, and we are listed better than ever on the searches. A big thanks goes to all the mods for doing a great job with the webcam chat.

There were some recent changes made to the chat code and the login process. We should be aware of the changes so we can best help the new chatroom user.

The login process has changed. In order to simplify the process to get into the webcam and chat room, there are new directions for the user, which include pictures of the things they should click. You can no longer use a nickname that is registered by another user. The chat system will prompt the user to change their chat name.As always any chatroom rule violations are dealt with quickly by our live staff. We might have the best live chatroom staff ever.

We have made it harder for the user to change names on the fly. This has always been a problem in the chat room because then we have a mismatch in the system. That makes things confusing for the new user. We have removed private messaging all together as there are too many problems with this chat feature being misused. This seems to be working much better for the regular webcam users.

We have added the feature for users to choose their chatroom text color and style. Having the different colors in the chatroom makes it easier for the user to keep up with the conversations. The eye can easily catch the colors and skip over what is not important at the moment

Again, thanks for visiting and have a happy 2012 everyone.