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The severely interesting webcam video chat

Friday, February 10th, 2012

We are seriously intriguing you’d have to admit. The first webcam image (well camera image) was probably in 1991 at Cambridge University in England. It was called the “Coffeepot Cam”. An yes it was a view of the network engineers coffpot. They used it to check if there was any coffee in the pot. It ran until 2001 when it was finally switched off.

The oldest webcam that is still running would be “Fog Cam” at SF State Uni. It was started in 1994 and still runs today. See it at

I built a webpage and uploaded my first webcam picture in 1997. In those days streaming video didn’t exist, it was just pictures. Software was used to grab a webcam picture and upload to a server using FTP. We used javascript to check for a new image every 60 seconds so if a new picture was up, it was displayed for the user.

I thought I’d share a funny story here. When I had uploaded my first webcam picture, and had a chatroom going, I was so excited I sat in there for three days straight … by myself. That’s when I started getting new users. Soon there were 10 regular users, then 20, then 30. We have always used for our chat service.

In those days I was just using free websites like Geocities or web1000. The guy who was the second webcam added became my partner in the project. I won’t mention his name at this time. I’ll tell you why later. He was also affiliated with a website called, which is a heavy metal website still active today. My chatroom became the chatroom used by this site as well.

Happy Chatting and be sure to join the chat room.