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Webcams and chat are the new fashion

Friday, August 30th, 2013

webcams and chat are the new fashion. I do consider it the original social media. Before there was Facebook and Twitter people were already communicating in real time using IRC chat and other chat formats. Live streaming cams are relatively new but add a whole new layer to this fast paced and exciting media. Before we could stream live video easily all we could do was email each other. I think the coming of IRC chat on the 1980′s is a lot more significant than it is given credit for. Now with Adobe’s media server and even more recent the Red5 server has made desktop streaming video easy and available to the masses. So I say cheers to chat rooms. The original social media. Enjoy the chat. There was a time when we attempted to use IRC as the chat format but this was difficult to layer over the flash chat. We have moved to a fully flash based chat.

What happened to Julie?

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

My wife went into the hospital with a fever on January 7th. She died 10 days later on the 17th. It was pneumonia, fever, her potassium was off, PH balance was off, they couldn’t keep her oxygen levels up. She was inhaling ok but was no longer strong enough to completely exhale so she was retaining carbon dioxide … so she was in a way poisoning her own blood.

Not many people were aware that Julie had muscular dystrophy. She was confined to a wheelchair. That never seemed to slow her down. She told some people but not others about her condition.

Despite having a life expectancy of 18 years, Julie lived to be 41. She really proved them wrong. Not only did she graduate high school, she went on to college and earned a masters degree in fine art. She was an amazing and talented person with a sharp sense of humor. She will be missed by many.

Not to mention Julie built this website for me. I think I’ll leave it just like it is.

I have gone from a household with a wife and two kids here to by myself. It’s so damned quiet. The kids are with their grandparents for now. Julie’s sister is gaining custody as that was Julie’s wishes.

It’s just been a lot of stuff with the hospital, the funeral home stuff, dealing with social security and the kids, dealing with her place of employment, the bank accounts, etc. There’s so much to do when someone dies. And ya don’t really want to deal with it all but you have to anyway.

Luckily we had just picked up two room mates. Julie had invited two of her friends from Florida to stay here for a while. This was a few months ago. So it’s not like I am alone in this house. I’m glad they are here. At least there was someone to talk to.

One thing I had to work on is … part of this site runs on Julie’s servers. If her stuff goes down so does the mods login stuff. I’m happy to say I have communicated with her host company and have secured her web presence. (changed to my credit card info). The site should keep working normally from this point on.

I’ve been away so long because I haven’t felt like having fun yet. I’m just now starting to feel better.

I’m sorry to say that our IP look-up tool will likely never be fixed : \

Moderator Motivational

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Mod Motivational

Make Words Work
Chat, Listen and Learn

The moderators communicate with courtesy, clarity, and care in verbal and non-verbal messages. We listen attentively to the regulars to understand their needs and to ensure they understand the system and the service we provide them.

Stress Less

Better manage stress and talk to a more senior mod when needed. Strive for a mod/real life balance.

Chat More

Keep chatting – it helps the community
and you will feel better. Everything counts!

All For One, One For All moderators share a common purpose: to serve the users and regulars. We build up each other; we share our successes, failures, information and ideas.

Attitude Is Everything
Create a lasting Impression

WE treat each user as if he or she is the most important person in the chatroom. Our behavior and attitude create a positive first impression that is lasting. We strive to exceed expectations and provide a clean perv-free environment.

Viva La Difference!

At, we know that our differences, unique talents and varied backgrounds come together to create a strong and whole mod staff.

To “P2P” or Not to “P2P”
P2P Manners

Using P2P may save the mod time, but may not always be the most appropriate way to communicate. Mods should use discretion in sending and responding to P2P messages. Remember that P2P conversations can be logged used as evidence.

It’s a Private Matter
Confidentiality room mods protect the user and their confidentiality. We should protect their privacy in all situations. We are sensitive to the regular user and the nature of webcam chat. We do everything we can to earn the trust that the regulars place in us. We strive to promote a peaceful chatroom and to relieve anxiety.

Make it Better!
User recovery

When the CamChat Experience doesn’t go right for a user, we try to make things better. We listen and respond with empathy, and apologize for not exceeding expectations. he mods are proactive in making amends, even in those difficult situations.

Think Safe, Be Safe
Safety in the chatroom

It is essential that we provide a hospitable, welcoming, healthy, and safe environment at
We identify and report hazards promptly to the proper authorities, and apply our remedies whenever possible.

A chatroom moderators meeting

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to this webcam and chat post. First of all I’d like to say I did not call this meeting.The webcam users did.

A big thanks to our chat user Lokatana for his input on this subject for our community.

The first thing I saw that concerned me was our moderator named Mango being overworked in the chatroom. I clocked in and went to work of course … but I found this most unusual.

A bit later I discovered that the moderators along with some regular users were on Camamba instead. This is fine but it makes it a bit hard on Mango and myself to manage the entire room. Of course I can’t say anything about where you chat but I can tell you we do miss you.

It’s true we are supposed to point users over to Camamba to get their premium service but something has gone wrong.

If you guys will put yourselves in my shoes for a moment. It seems as if I sent you guys over to Camamba to get your free premium service and you never came back to the chatroom.

So I contacted Thomas to get his advice. I told him to spank you guys and send you home to and he tried but this brings up some issues. I have to realize I can’t tell you where to chat.

I feel like my Free Premium for mods program (suggested by Loka) backfired on me. This does not help our webcam chat community.

I know that Camamba is a bit more slack and with less rules, a bit more pervy if that the allure? I can’t go there.

So I guess my big question is What can I do to make CC more exciting for you to be here instead of there.

We’re seriously low on chatroom moderators and I’m just trying to figure out is going on.

The webcams VIP program

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

There are many items that do not form part of the main webcam and chat negotiations but are nonetheless very important to the project. They seem minor but being overlooked or forgotten could pose problems for the project and the website itself. We’d like the chat mods to quickly jump to the VIP Area and either view a list of current chatters or make a nomination. Once two moderators of the chat room have sponsored a user the site owner should get an alert via email and maybe text message. However any mod should be able to quickly remove the user making the VIP pass in a suspended mode until two mods have again agreed on this person. No alert is needed to the site owner on VIP Pass suspension. When suspending a VIP pass for the chatroom a text area should be required to explain what happened.

More about our webcam process

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Purpose: is a webcam and chat community that has moderators. The moderator status is stored in a database. As our site grows we need the ability to identify certain users as known regulars and should be granted access to the chatroom even if we have the room set as full.

We’d like two current room mods from the chat room to agree to sponsor a regular user that is usually on webcam as a VIP user. This would mean that that a user could log into the system even if the chatroom were full. We need two current mods to be able to nominate a user as a VIP user. Several bits of information must be entered at some point. The VIP member’s email (for the password) and the start date. (which they have access to) nickname. etc

About webcam sites and SEO

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

I love SEO. It has been my hobby for many years. Though professionally I work in QA, I’m signed up for a lot of newsletters and I read a lot of blogs and pages about SEO. I enjoy getting a site visible on Google.

I’ll always rank for “cam chat” because of the domain name. But that’s not the real keyword I want to rank on. According to available tools more people search on “webcam chat”. So as “camchat” is a given for us, I have optimized for “webcam chat”, the second biggest search term in my industry. There are tools to see what people actually search for in your market.

After several weeks running on page #2 results for “webcam chat” we are finally back in top 10 results in most areas. The numbers have already picked up slightly.

Oh great fun.

Just felt like typing,

Plans for the webcam nomination process

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

In the nomination area for the webcam and chat room moderators we would need several fields. We should have fields for the first nomination, a second nomination, email, start date and a text fields. The nominating mods would be responsible for entering all the required information.

It would be nice if the mods could set their nomination with a drop-down list of the mods names. If this is not possible a text entry would work.

A text field should be seen but is optional and could be used to comment on the user being nominated.

Maybe the second nominating mod could click submit to send the request for final approval.

The site owner might receive an alert either by email or txt msg. or both that a new VIP member needs to be approved.

On approval the system should automatically generate a chat room password and send an email to the new user congratulating them and giving them their pass key.

Checks should be in place to ensure the nominating mods names do not match others in the chatroom, and that the start date is within the date range set by the owner in the owner control panel.

We envision the final approval as well as room size limits being one day handed over to the mods themselves. For now all VIP passes and room size must go through the webcam site owner.

Looking back at the history of the site

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

One of my favorite things to do is look back on our webcams and chat experience through the years. For a long time I updated the site with a new design for the chat room each year. It was around 2006 that my wife took over the web design duties. Anyway here’s a link to all the years of design changes which is always fun to look at. on the Wayback Machine

The chat room vip pass program

Friday, April 13th, 2012 needs a way limit the size of our webcam chat room while letting known regular users in even if the room is full. We envision two room moderators nominating a user for a “VIP Pass”. Once the user has two sponsors then an email would be sent to the user with their VIP Pass Number after the site owner approval. This could be entered in a new field on our sign-in area.

The room moderators would have a link to the new VIP area. We would likely have a list of VIP Pass holders, those that only have one sponsor, as well as the list of suspended users. We also need a way to nominate new pass holders.

Maybe we can have an entry page where the mod can chose to see the list of users, or go to the nomination page? We are up for any suggestions.