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** #Webcams News - June, 2016 - Issue **
Free High Def video Webcam Chat for all
The Internet's best free online video chat site.

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Newsletter Contents:
1- Editor's Note
2- Server News
3- Welcome to New Members
4- Shout-Outs
5- Cool Link of the Month
6- Advertise your website

If you have not been to our webcam chat site lately do return. We are offering free webcam video chat in high def with no signup. It's just free.

Newsflash:We have worked a deal with and now everyone that walks in the door gets free high definition video. All you have to do is click the HD button under your preview

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1- Editor's Note

Hi #Webcams Chatters,

The New Video/Voice Chat Interface is up!!!

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the link.
We now have a high def Video/Voice Chat Flash interface. This is the best quality streaming video on the internet, and it's free, so join the chat room, meet somebody, and get video chatting.

We are excited to announce that the newsletter readership is now up over 36,000. There are a lot of people out there with webcams that need a place to steam video and chat.
That's where we come in. Our stats show that much of our traffic is coming in from Yahoo, Google, Bing and Altavista.

Remember, there is never a charge to chat or run your webcam at . It's always free.

Also thanks to for hosting the video/voice chat.

We hope that you find this newsletter interesting and useful.

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2- Server News

01/01/11: Newsletter readership breaks 36,000.

No major server outages to report. Both the chat server and webcam servers are running strong with no down time to report over the last 5 months.

Connecting to the chatroom is easy. This link will get you in.

3- New Members

Help us welcome our newest CamChat members !!!

Darren, Belle84, MrBrian, Sharky, Alice, Marty, Dexter, H2O, DivineInfekt, Perid0t, AliceCullen, Laura, Jasmine, Beki, Terry, MrAndMrs, YoYoYiggityYo, Dan, Ducky, Choff, jim123, mango, Jimboo, AJ1016, Alfo82, Bacchus, Bobby28, BooFX4, Bor2801, Butch, Catch, Cornelius, Crow, EvilAngel, FluteMan, Gije, Hoss, Jack, _Jared_, Jiggy, JonWard, Joules, KC, Krone, Labree, MachBaby4U, Modahl, Moose80, Playmates, Radd, Rikk, Robby, Roberdt, Sam, Scrappy, Sheena, Somah, Thatch, Theo, Tim, Tommied, Trucker24, and many others. They all have their webcams up and running.

Remember a camera is not necessary to see the webcams, and chat with everybody.

4- Shout-Outs

Welcome to our new "ShoutOuts" section.

Send in your Shout-Outs to and they'll make the next issue.

5- Cool Link of the Month

This month's cool link shows a fondness of mine for the strange, bizarre and unexplained and unexplainable... It's also got humor mixed in there as well, which in my opinion is always a good thing!
: ]

6- Advertise your website

We'll use this space for your personal or commercial website. Send it in and we'll place it here for all to see. Right now the list readership stands at about 26,000 people. Please send a short description with your link. Heavy Metal website.
DE-Systems Webcams, computer stuff, and old cartoons.
NetFunny Good for daily comedy.

Visit our website at

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