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Room moderators are the chatroom members whose nick appears with a "@" at the top of the rooms list. They help keep the chat going and help protect the community from members who abuse the room and/or server(s).

Room mods can ban (remove) users who violate chatroom policies. This includes, but is not limited to, displaying nudity, harrassing other users, flooding, being a minor, and/or repeatedly ignoring conduct-related requests and warnings. They can also ban repeat and/or serious offenders.

In addition to their chatroom duties, room moderators also serve as voting members of CamChat's governing board. They make decisions regarding policy and membership at

Room moderator positions are strictly voluntary. Members agree to become room moderators because they care about the community that they serve.

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So You Want to be a Room Moderator?

With the "power" of being room mod comes certain responsibilities. While the allure of being able to ban may seem alluring, there are certain expectations that has of its room moderators:

How to Become a Room Moderator

Room moderators are nominated by a member of the current room mod staff. Their nomination is reviewed by the group and is put to a vote. If the vote is in their favor, the candidate undergoes "training". During this time, trainees learn the rules of the site and servers. The training is self-paced, and the length of training varies by member. Upon successful completion of training, they are moved into "Full Mod" status, and are granted the banning powers.

Nominees are chosen from the pool of regular users of the site who already exhibit the leadership qualities listed above. Please note that mods are chosen for what the positive qualities they bring to the chatroom, not based on seniority. In other words, we look for people who are "best for the job" and not who's been here longer.

If you are interested in becoming a room mod, don't "Mod Beg"... If you can show that you can take the responsibilities seriously, the room mods will take notice.

If you have any questions, come on into the chatroom!