This document is written with over 15 years experience in running an IRC based chatroom and community. There are IRC standards, room standards, internet standards, political standards, and room owner standards to understand and abide by. Much of this comes from standard IRC chat rules and guidelines developed over the years by other chat operations.

The truth is that while in a chat room users are at the mercy of the chat room owner. The good news is that the chat room owner uses a fairly standard IRC/Chatroom set of rules to do this. That is to say: no typing in all caps, no harassing other users, no spamming, no racial remarks, etc. is a friendly place. We are tolerant. We only ask that you act like an adult. Don't do/say anything you wouldn't at a happy hour at your local pub/bar. The bouncers will throw you out.

Generally speaking, the room needs to remain in a state ready to accept new users. It is the purpose of this document to facilitate this, as well as clarify what is expected of its users.

CamChat recognizes that it is difficult to create a rule for every situation. Therefore, this list, although as complete as possible, is not meant to address every situation that might occur. Policies are subject to revision as the site continues to grow and change.

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Chatroom and Webcams Guidelines

These are the rules of conduct expected of ALL users. This includes new users as well as "regulars" (returning users).

  1. Nicknames

    1. Inappropriate Nicknames

      The room mods use their best judgement to keep out all nicknames not in standing with our standards. Users with sexually-explicit or drug-related names will be removed immediately. Other examples of inappropriate nicknames include "thug", "pimp", "nigga", etc.

    2. Impersonating Nicknames

      Impersonating another known user, moderator or server staff is prohibited. This includes similar nicknames.

  2. Age / Gender

    1. Underaged User

      Under the U.S. Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the server cannot allow users under the age of 13 to be on the server, and our system is 18 and over. Room moderators may question a user if their nickname, actions, or appearance leads them to believe that the user is under 18. Example, if a person enters the room with a nick that appears to have an age on it (ex. SweetGirl_16), they can be questioned about their age.

    2. Adult User with Minor(s)

      If an adult user has minors in the room, they are assuming responsibility for all content which may be transmitted to their computer. Therefore, they are should turn off their "picture uploads" and not view strangers' cams in order to avoid inappropriate content being shown to the minor. While it is permissable for minors to appear on cam with an adult user, they are NOT allowed to use the chat and cam by themselves.

      In order to protect the children from online predators, all minors with adults must be appropriately dressed and adhere to the same rules as adult users. Inappropriate images and / or behavior on cam between a minor and adult are reported to law enforcement agencies. works cooperatively with authorities to apprehend and prosecute child predators.

    3. Logged in as Wrong Gender

      Due to cam request filters, users must log in as the correct gender. Users logged in under the wrong gender will be asked to correct it.

  3. Netiquette

    1. All Caps

      The use of all caps should be kept to a minimum in the chatroom. When a user keeps typing with their caps lock on, they are considered to be "shouting". This is a standard not just for our room but across the Internet.

    2. Flooding

      Placing nonsense text into the room in a repeatative manner, or sending multiple lines in a short amount of time is considered "flooding". It is against standard chat policies.

    3. Advertising ("Spamming")

      Advertising businesses is generally not allowed in the chatroom, without prior approval by the site owner. Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Personal sites are ok.

    4. Trolling / Harrassing a Moderator

      Harrassing, insulting or purposely wasting a room moderator's time is not allowed. They are busy assisting other users and are not to waste their time on this. Moderators receive extensive training and have an understanding of the rules. Users should comply with the active room moderator's direction.

      Any users with questions or concerns about a mod's actions should email the site owner.

  4. Sexual Harrassment ("Perving")

    1. Nudity / Pornography

      Users who transmit images of themselves or others naked are removed immediately from the system. This includes transmitting pornography and sexually-explicit drawings. This also applies if they are clothed while conducting sexually-oriented acts. Female users must wear a shirt or some type of top. Male users are allowed to be topless.

    2. Verbal Harrassment

      Users should not verbally harrass another user. This includes users asking other users to strip, stand up, smile, or show certain body parts. The users in the room should not be treated as objects. Compliments, if genuine, are allowable. However, compliments with the purpose of "perving" on a user are not acceptable.

    3. Pet Names (Ex. "Baby", "Dear", "Sexy")

      Many of our users feel being called pet names by people they don't know is degrading. Therefore, users should refrain from calling other chatters any term of endearment if they do not know well.

    4. Talking to One Gender Only

      CamChat is not a "pickup room" or sex chat. Therefore, users should speak to both genders, not just one.

    5. Mass Perving on One User

      Occasionally, one user will have multiple users attempting to chat with them at the same time. This is especially true for our female users. If this happens, the users attempting to speak with her should give her some space, so that she may have a quality chat experience instead of getting constantly "hit on". Users who continue to bombard her may be removed.

    6. Cam Begging

      After being told "no", users should not keep asking another user to view their cam. Users should also not demand others to view their cams. No user should feel "forced" to be on cam or to view a cam.

    7. Private Messaging (P2P)

      It is best to ask users before attempting to P2P.

    8. Messengers (MSN, AIM, Skype, Yahoo!, Etc.), Other Chat Services, and Email

      No messengers' usernames should be posted in the room or on the web cams. Email addresses are often messenger usernames and are therefore not allowed as well. Furthermore, inviting users to chat on other sites is prohibited. We like to keep our users.

  5. Diversity does not discriminate based on nationality, gender (real or perceived), sexual orientation, handicap, religion, ethnicity, color or creed. In keeping with our diversity policy, is an all-languages room. Google translate tool can be used to help here.

    1. Threats and Insults

      Users should be respectful of each other and do not harrass, threaten, or otherwise abuse other users. This includes name-calling and racist, sexist, or homophobic statements. In addition, users should not say insulting things such as, "EWWWWW your UGLY", "EWWW your FAT" or "You're OLD". Everyone should feel welcome, regardless of their background or appearance.

  6. Topics / Cam & Pic Upload Content

    1. Cam Not on Face

      Cams pointed at the floor, wall, toys, or a blank screen are fine. Cams pointed at any body part such as knees, stomach, chest, or feet are not.

      Note About the Use of "Masks": The use of any item (whether real or digital) which obstructs the chatter's face may be used briefly (less a minute) on cam. Moderators need to be able to see a user's face in order to make sure they are not underaged or a known offender. In addition, masks interfere with user accountability.

    2. Nudity / Pornography

      Users who transmit images of themselves or others naked are removed immediately from the system. This includes transmitting pornography and sexually-explicit drawings. This also applies if they are clothed while conducting sexually-oriented acts. Female users must wear a shirt or some type of top. Male users are allowed to be topless.

    3. Recording / Retransmission of Another Cam

      Users should not point their cam at their screen with the purpose of transmitting another user. Publishing should be a choice and should not be re-broadcasted by a different user. Users should also ask permission before taking screen shots or recording another user's cam.

    4. Guns

      All pistols/rifles/firearms should be kept off cam. We are a friendly chat site and do not wish to show a dangerous type of atmosphere to the new user.

    5. Drugs

      Drug talk and use must be kept off cam and out of the chat room to meet certain server guidelines and policies.

    6. Rape

      The pain of rape is no joking matter. Any references to "rape", joking or not, is not allowed.

    7. Politics / Religion

      Controversial topics such as politics and religion don't work well in a chatroom. They tend to spark debate that may be read like an argument which is not the atmosphere that CamChat wants to have for its new users.

    8. Illegal Activity

      If a user is transmitting images / video of any illegal activity, they will be removed from the system. Moderators may collect information (including logs, screen shots and IP) to report illegal activities to the proper authorities. CamChat works cooperatively with law enforcement officials throughout the world to prosecute users transmitting their illegal activities through our system. In addition, law enforcement officials may, occasionally, be present in the room without prior notification.

    9. Other Chat Sites

      With the exception of any rooms owned by the site, any advertising, spaming, or pulling users to another chatroom or video/chat location is prohibited.

  7. Known Offenders

    Users who have repeatedly and consistently break rules will be "perma-banned" if they attempt to use CamChat services.