Web Cam Troubleshooting Guide

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Web cam problems can stem from a variety of causes. First you will want to verify that your cam hardware is properly set up and running. Hardware requires the proper drivers to be installed on your operating system in order to work correctly. Please read the instructions that come with your cam for proper installation and operation.

If you need a standalone program to verify if your cam is working, you are welcome to download a copy of BooruCam here.

Once you have verified that your cam is working, and are still experiencing difficulty, check the following:

Are you able to see yourself in the preview screen on the left?
If you can, make sure you click the "Publish" button below the preview so that others can view your cam. If not, read on...
Are you running any software that is using the cam?
If you are using any software, such as your cam software, AIM, Yahoo, or MSN, turn those programs off. The Flash Cams cannot access your cam while these programs are running. You may need to reboot your computer with these programs off, since many of them continue to run processes on your computer even after you have shut the program off. If you still have problems, read on...

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Did you allow Flash to access your cam?
If not, reload the cam page and select "Allow" when the option appears in the Flash. If you've already done so and still can't see yourself in the preview, read on...
Is your cam set as the web cam input in the flash?
You can check these settings immediately after you allow the Flash to access your cam. Right-click on the preview pane on the left and select "Settings" from the menu. A Flash popup will appear with 4 icons on the bottom. Choose the icon that looks like a webcam. Select the correct web cam input from the dropdown box on that screen then click "Close". If you are still having problems, read on...
Do you have the proper Flash plug-in?
The web cam applet requires Flash plugin version 8 or higher in order to run. If you do not have it properly installed, go to the Adobe Flash Player page to download the latest plugin for your browser. Firefox users: please note that if you install the Flash plugin on IE before you installed Firefox, you will need to re-install the Flash plugin on Firefox.

Flash Player Camera Settings

If you need more information on configuring your Flash Camera Settings, visit the Adobe Flash Player Help page.

Cam Effects Programs

If you use programs such as ManyCam or WebcamMax, simply choose it as the input from the dropdown list in the Flash Cam settings.

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