Microphone Troubleshooting Guide

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The Flash web cam applet can take a variety of sound inputs, depending on the configuration of a user's system.

IMPORTANT! Your cam must be working and broadcasting properly in order to support sound. If you are having cam problems, please resolve these isssues first before attempting to broadcast sound. You can visit out Cam Troubleshooting page for help.

Built-in Mics

Using a web cam's built-in microphone is the easiest way to broadcast sound to the site. Simply publish your cam and make sure to un-mute the microphone icon below the preview screen. Your viewers will have to unmute your cam speaker under your cam image while viewing you.

If your viewers are unable to hear you, please check your Flash Microphone Settings. You can check these settings immediately after you allow the Flash to access your cam and microphone. Right-click on the preview pane on the left and select "Settings" from the menu. A Flash popup will appear with 4 icons on the bottom. Choose the icon that looks like a microphone. Select the correct web cam input from the dropdown box on that screen then click "Close".

For more information on Flash Microphone Settings, visit Adobe's Flash Player Help page.

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External Mics and Sound Cards

Some microphones will automatically show up in the Flash Player Microphone Setting's input dropdown. Simply choose it if you see it on the list. If you do not see it on the list, or want to broadcast sounds from your sound card, choose your sound card as the microphone input.

Once you have chosen your sound card as the input, you will need to go into your sound settings to configure the correct input device.

PC USERS: Open your control panel by clicking on your "Start" menu and choosing "Control Panel." When that window opens, choose "Sounds and Audio Devices." When the properties window opens, click on the "Audio" tab. Choose the device under "Sound Recording." Next click on the "Voice" tab. Choose the device from the "Voice Recording" section. Click "Apply" or "OK" when you are done.

MAC USERS: In your Apple menu (the one shaped like an apple), choose "System Preferences." When that window opens, choose "Sound." Now click "Input." Choose the correct device from the list. Make sure "Mute" is unchecked and the volume settings are how you want it. When you are done, simply close the window.

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